Dushyant sinha


“Doing the best in this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. I firmly believe that one should nurse the highest ambitions and should always aim to achieve the best. We can never stop others from doing better than us, but can we at least give our best?"

About myself


ICCPL has been the forerunner in unique public relations strategies since its inception in 2011. The organization, which has grown from 5000 Rs. startup to a respectable and prosperous group of companies was the brainchild of dynamic management graduate, Dushyant Sinha. After working with giants like Deutsche Bank and Wipro, Sinha founded his own venture at the age of 25.

ICCPL, renowned for its unique, robust, and perfect implementation has successfully and comprehensively served over a hundred clients in the past 8 years. As of today, it is one of the largest public relations companies in the real estate sector, and has served more 150 clients and is also venturing into other sectors.

The organization also conceptualized and organized India’s first real estate property awards in 2015. This awards ceremony broke all previously held records by receiving 350 nominations from over 100 real estate organizations in cities across the country.

Recently, Mr. Sinha ventured into political analysis and media management under the brand, "Lead India," which is the political wing of ICCPL.

Mr. Sinha, being a communication expert expanded his domain to digital communication under the brand name “DigiComm," the organisation that attempted to revolutionise the way that online marketing happens in the sector with a vision to provide unique content to the digital world, thus enabling companies to reach target audiences.
Promoting a creative culture, understanding the importance of design, communication proficiency, and sensible management were the four key factors that led to the resounding success of Studio 360, the creative wing of ICCPL.

Seeing massive changes and developments and with hardcore experience in Real Estate, understanding the problems faced by the sector, Mr. Sinha conceptualized the idea of building a brand by the name FindMyCowork -India’s fastest growing Tech enabling search engine for booking and reviewing workspaces under its Parent company Cotech Management FFindmyCowork envisions to provide the genuine one-stop solutions to all your office and flexible workspace problems.

Mr. Sinha has always been a hustler and a serial entrepreneur by building brands from scratch and developing business strategies that have given his clients enormous profits.
Being a communication expert has received numerous awards by the Government of India and also been Under 40 by Businessworld in 2019.

Always wanting to help fellow entrepreneurs, he is a mentor to various startups by helping them to grow from inception and redefining their business models and making them Industry icons.